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  photograph by Tom Bamberger
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The poems are clean and spare, and their compression itself is highly imaginative. There are no stylistic tricks, but clear, clean, and impassioned observation. It is a human privilege to read them and to hear them.
–James Dickey

I like the poems. I like their subtlety, their mysterious yet unswerving development, their quietness, and their humanity. They are poems of experience in the language of innocence.
–Mark Strand

Very subtle word choices, just slightly off, slightly odd, that can turn on a pin so delicately – well, these are the jewels that make [Renner's] verse real poetry.
–James Tate

What I like best is a natural and distinctive music. The lines are individually and beautifully made, and yet they sing into one another and back again. Their rhythmical idiom is both new and natural. The poems, singly and together, yield their fullest meaning when they are read aloud.
–James Wright
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