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Bio Note

I was born in Los Angeles but have been back infrequently. The Moon Winds moniker I stole shamelessly from Marquez years ago. I grew up mostly in various parts of the midwest, and attended college there, then graduate school in New York. I've taught at a number of colleges and universities, and read at even more of them. I've published in a wide range of magazines, large and small, famous and not so. My three main collections of poetry are those I have, very colorfully I think, presented here. I have also done a few others mostly buried now in rare book collections. They rarely come up for light.

My life changed a great deal when I stumbled quite literally on, or simply tripped over, an abandoned farm here in the uplands of southwestern Wisconsin. I finally made the move a few years ago and gave up teaching and publishing to learn how to work and write in a completely new way. I wrote a book a year for ten straight years, although none of this was planned, and only sounds impressive in hindsight. I seem to have planned very little in my life, good or bad. I have included a sample from each of these manuscripts on this site.

I have even begun to send a few of these things around, and have received some positive feedback. I gave a reading at a poetry festival, but it is only the second one I've given in ten years.

My life, out here, continues to be pretty much what it has been for the past few years. This summer I finished putting a new roof on my barn; this fall I tucked in three new loads of hay for the horses, sheep and goats, and put aside more grain for them, as well as the geese and chickens. The dogs and cats, when well fed themselves, continue to prowl about mostly on their own, which come to think of it my wife does too. I hope that you, whoever you are, find something new here as well, or something to your liking. Perhaps, then, I might have a little clearer picture about what I've been attempting to do here.